Thursday, December 24, 2009

Chimney Tops Trail

Sarah and I hiked this trail on our 20th anniversary weekend.  We'd always wanted to do this trail, but it's not recommended for small kids because it's a VERY strenuous trail (straight up) and because the rock outcrop at the top of the trail is dangerous.  So our anniversary weekend when we were all alone was the perfect time to tackle it.

It was a beautiful early spring day - sunny and warm - and the trail was busy.  Amazingly we saw LOTS of people with little kids struggling to make it up.  The hike climbs steeply up a draw and then skirts around a ridge to ultimately end up at the Chimney Tops formation - a bare rock slab that goes STEEPLY up to the top.

As you come around a corner on the ridge you can see the Chimney Tops in the distance.  It's a pretty imposing formation.

The sign at the bottom warns of the dangers of climbing to the top.  It's pretty scary looking up from the bottom.  Sarah opted to stay below while I climbed up.

This is a view back down the Chimneys from about 1/2 way up.  Yep - it's as steep as it looks.

Another hardy hiker took my picture for me once I made it to the top.  The views were outstanding in all directions and it was definitely an adrenaline rush to have made it up!

After the hike Sarah and I headed back into Townsend for dinner at Deadbeat Pete's - a great little Mexican restaurant that sits right on the Little River.  And then back to our cabin for an evening of relaxation in the hot tub.  All in all a great hike and a great anniversary weekend!


  1. I'm still glad I didn't hike up that rock face!!

  2. I have got to make a point of coming down to TN and exploring the GSM National Park... we have Red River Gorge with lots of good hiking up here, but it would be nice to go someplace different. :)